Always Moving Forward guided by Reality & Respect (. . . the guiding principle behind the ENDURO Sports Network.)                             It’s not uncommon for small to medium sized road races to pay out more than 60% of their revenue for meet/race expenses such as electronic timing, awards, security, porta-potties, “free” t-shirts, etc. That’s REALITY Many people think their entire Race Entry Fee goes to the “cause” that the road race is supporting --- minus the cost of a “FREE” t-shirt).  Well - - - at most small to medium size road races - - - that’s simply not the case - - - except for 5k’s organized and managed by the ENDURO Sports Network that are part of the new “Enter FREE USA - 5k program.  (Read below for details.)         The Run ENDURO - Enter FREE USA program:    Here’s how it works - - - To enter a Run ENDURO “FREE 5k” go to the following website and set up your personal account.                                                      Once you’ve logged into your account, enter a Run ENDURO - FREE 5k race, and pay absolutely                                                                       NO ENTRY FEE.  Please remember - - - there are NO “race day signups” at Enter FREE USA events. Then, when you arrive at the race, please make a voluntary donation to a charity being supported. Your donation goes directly to the charity of your choice.  The charity pays nothing to be one of the supported charities at an “Enter FREE USA - 5k”.  When you make a donation at the event, 100% of your donation goes directly to the charity - - - and 100% of your donation stays with that charity. Charities selected to be an “Enter FREE USA 5k Charity” must be a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.  The charity must have representatives at the “Enter FREE USA 5k” event to take donations directly from the race participants and spectators.  The ENDURO Sports Network will NOT take donations directly or indirectly for or on behalf of a charity.  The ENDURO Sports Network is in no way responsible for how each charity uses the funds that are donated to them at an ENDURO Event. Each charity that is selected to be an “Enter FREE USA 5k Charity” must provide volunteers to assist with their event, and must provide informational documents at the event that describe the purpose of the charity and how funds that are raised by the charity are used to fulfill the purpose of the charity. Our goal is to serve small/local charities that have limited resources for marketing and fund raising. In order to be selected as an “Enter FREE USA Charity”, the charity must agree to specific requirements that are imposed for the purpose of making their “Enter FREE USA 5k” as successful as possible for everyone involved, including the road race community, the location (venue) for the event, the charity itself and the other charities that may be part of the same event or other Enter FREE USA events in the future.  Each Enter FREE USA 5k may have multiple charities involved with the same race. Each participating “Enter FREE USA Charity” must also report the total amount of funds that are raised at an Enter FREE USA 5k event.  Those amounts will be reported on this website for public review.  Any expense that reduces the net amount raised will also be reported on this site for review. The charity’s representative that certifies the accuracy of the net funds received at the race will also be listed on this website with contact information for that individual (phone number & email address). The ENDURO Sports Network is responsible for organizing and paying all event expenses through its own resources derived from merchandise sales, corporate support and other sources of revenue. The event expenses can include such things as course marking and distance certification, sanctioning, electronic timing, bibs, awards, porta-potties, security, aid stations & supplies, permits, marketing, etc., - - - all of which can easily exceed $1000 - $2000 - $3000 (or more) - per 5k event/race. As always, Students Run FREE.  Each Enter FREE USA - 5k is also a Run FREE USA - 5k™ for students.  (Students are not asked or expected to make a voluntary donation at Enter/Run FREE USA - 5k events.) The first Enter FREE USA - 5k event is scheduled for May 2018.  For more information and updates, please return to this webpage or the ENDURO USA (communications and on-line entry) website. To inquire about your group or organization being accepted as an “Enter FREE USA - 5k” charity, please contact Kevin McWatters ( 
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